New Member FAQ

If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact the officers who will be happy to help you.

General Information

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please email the officers at with your name, WPI student ID number, and instrument (or color guard!). In your email, please indicate if you would like to do marching or just stands. Applications for stands are open year-round. There are no auditions for either group. To be added to the email list for more information, fill out this form

What are the costs associated with joining Pep Band?

All Members: $15 Pep Band polo

Band Camp Costs: $35 to pay for food during the duration of band camp.

Marching Instrumental Members: $28 Black marching shoes, $3 black gloves, and black socks

Color Guard Members: $28 Black marching shoes, $16 color guard gloves, and black socks

Prices are estimated and subject to change

Flipbook: Members will have to purchase their own flipbooks for the season. Everyone will own their flipbook with their name on it. If you do not already own one, you must purchase the backing (no flashy colors), rings to hold them together, and 35 pages (low brass and high winds may want more) for the music. This should be brought to band camp on day one. However, you do NOT need to print out the music for band camp, we will provide that for you on the first day of band camp.There will be 30 minutes on the first day of band camp to assemble these flipbooks with your section.

How much of a time commitment is joining Pep Band?

During the football season, marching members and color guard can expect 6-8 hours of rehearsal (drill, music) per week. Stands members can expect 1 hour of rehearsal (music) per week. Everyone is expected to attend the approximately 5 home games on Saturdays across August through November. Games will generally take 3-4 hours from reporting time to when you are free.

During the basketball season, everyone can expect 2 hours of rehearsal (music) per week. Games are more frequent, usually 2-3 per week. Color Guard does not perform at basketball games.

Can I play a sport and still be in Pep Band?

This largely depends on the sport, but in the vast majority of cases, the answer will be yes. If you’re marching, you will most likely have to miss some drill rehearsals and work with us to plan your schedule. If you’re just playing in the stands with us, however, this is a much smaller time commitment, and you should be able to work us into just about any schedule. Please email to try and figure out your schedule for sports and other activity conflicts.

Are there instruments available to borrow?

The Pep band has a limited number of instruments available to loan out. However, if you want to play an instrument we do not have, we will work with you to find a solution.

I don’t know how to march. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not! A large part of band camp will be dedicated to teaching marching basics. As long as you’re willing to cooperate and work at it, it shouldn’t be a problem. We are open to members of all skill level.

I already know how to march. Do I need to attend Band Camp?

Yes! We would like to make sure everyone in our marching band has a uniform marching style. Plus, we learn show music and drill during band camp, so it is necessary for every marching member to attend.

How “extreme” is this marching band?

The WPI Pep Band is a real, non-competitive marching band that does real shows and plays real music; however, that does not mean that we take ourselves too seriously. We make sure that we are focused at rehearsals, but there is still room for fun. There is no intense physical conditioning associated with this ensemble.

Band Camp

What is band camp?

Band camp is for marching members and color guard only. During this time, we learn a large portion of the show music and drill. Band camp isn’t all work; there are fun activities planned for the end of each day, and there is even a themed day where every section gets to perform a skit in a little competition. This is mandatory for all marching members and color guard.

When is band camp?

Band Camp typically occurs during the week preceding New Student Orientation (this year, it will be held August 17th-21st). Members living in on-campus housing will move in on the morning of the first day, and Band Camp will begin that afternoon. There are no costs associated with moving in early for band camp. A detailed schedule with exact dates will be posted as the date approaches.

Will food be provided during band camp?

The Pep Band will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner during band camp. There will be a small fee (~$25) for meals. In addition to being cheap, these meals are also a great time to get acquainted with your fellow band members! Meals will be in small groups at the houses of upperclassmen. If you have any dietary restrictions, please email

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