The Pep Band is a completely student-run performance organization that plays at all WPI home football and basketball games, a few away games, and occasional other events (non-WPI, like The Bachelor Winter Games) happening in the area.

Important Dates:

Band Camp 2020: August 17th - 21st Join us for a week of virtual fun and activities based on our regular in person band camp!

Deadline for Marching Applications: Sign up for credit closes with course registration this year

Deadline for stands: Whenever! Join us anytime throughout the year

The Pep Band is a spirited bunch that has much to offer its members, including friendship, pizza, movie nights, parties, and most importantly, good music!

The Basics:

The WPI Pep Band has 3 forms of membership:

Marching Stands Color Guard
- Perform (play music, march drill) in the halftime show during the football season - Perform (spin flags, rifles) in the halftime show during the football season
- Play stands music in the stands for both football and basketball games - Play stands music in the stands for both football and basketball games
- [Optional] Perform in the Winter Guard
- Attend Band Camp (see below) - Attend Band Camp (see below)

The band welcomes everyone – Don’t be discouraged if you’ve never played, marched, or spun before; we can help you learn! See the New Member FAQ for more information about time commitments and other useful information.


The Pep Band also offers physical education credit for those participating in football and/or basketball season. Participation in Pep Band for four seasons will therefore fulfill your university physical education requirement. Despite being available for academic credit, rehearsals and performances are still very casual and loads of fun.

Halftime Show 2019:

Our halftime show for fall of 2019 was How To Train Your Dragon

Songs Link
Part 1 Listen >>>
Part 2 Listen >>>
Part 3 Listen >>>

Currently, we are looking for new members for football season! Please feel free to contact the officer board at pepoff@wpi.edu if you have any questions or you are interested in joining us for football or basketball season.

Time remaining until band camp starts: